Industrial Data Analytics
in Production

Automated and scalable

Operationalization of workflows and algorithms

KatanaGo is the operationalization component of the Katana platform for Industry 4.0. It lets you create deployments for developed data analysis workflows and algorithms.

Clear, scalable and secure

You can call each deployment via a protected endpoint in a scalable manner. The endpoints that have been created and called are presented clearly in the work view.

Further interfaces

A diverse range of interfaces enables integration in existing IT landscapes. Apart from KatanaFlow, KatanaGo also supports other types of deployment, such as MATLAB or Docker container.

Connection to KatanaFlow

KatanaGo in conjunction with KatanaFlow allows you to transform your data analytics project into a data-driven process or service. Data analysis workflows developed in KatanaFlow can be operationalized directly as a deployment with one click of the mouse. Extensions, changes or further developments of the workflows are administered in different versions of a deployment. The desired version can be accessed at any time using a selection system.

Our operationalization – automated, scalable and secure

of deployments
with one click
Secure and
Automatic versioning
for further
of workflows
Diverse interfaces
for integrating
IT landscapes

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