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Using Data Analytics for Smart Services

Targeted big data analytics through individual project management

You collect huge amounts of data from sources such as sensors, machine logs and remote platforms. Do you wonder what value they might hold? Do you have a specific idea for how to use the data in your business? Are there problems in your production that can only be solved with data analytics? Your digitalization strategy is in full swing and you need a strong partner for its implementation?

Whatever the status of your project, our experts can support you in every stage. We take three steps to carry out your vision: We jointly plan your use case based on your collected data, then design your individual algorithms and, finally, put them into operation, including integration of the solutions in your value-added process. With Katana, you have a powerful companion for achieving the major goal of turning raw data into profit.


USE CASE – What needs to be optimized?

Working interactively with you and your experts, we come up with a use case for individual improvements. During an initial discussion, we determine which errors or faults need to be identified from a data perspective and where there is room for improvement. Our data scientists and your experts then hold further discussions, during which they develop and enhance their examination and assessment of the data. The result of this important first step is the business value definition of the use case.


Business value definition

Data identification


PROTOTYPE – Will it work?

Our data scientists prepare your data specially for your use case. Our key area of expertise lies in developing an individual algorithm, e.g. from machine learning or cognitive intelligence. Patterns, irregularities and outliers can therefore be identified and previously unknown causal links are revealed. The basis for optimization is now in place.


Algorithm development



SERVICE – Now the practical part!

Transformation to the Katana platform now takes place. In order to do this, our development experts migrate the prototype algorithm so that it can be used effectively and reliably with large quantities of data. The final integration with your target environment enables continuous development and optimization.




Our use cases – Digitalization in practice

With our data science expertise, we help customers carry out their individual use cases. Gain an overview of the different projects and see for yourself how Katana creates added value with data analytics.

Any questions? We are happy to help.

Katana, the data analytics segment of the USU Group, has extensive experience in the application of machine learning methods in the industrial sector. Take advantage of our knowledge and our solutions for building your data-driven business models to reduce your costs and improve your quality and value added.